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Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

How is dengue?

Dengue fever โ€“ causes and Prevention

Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

Dengue mosquitoes are found abundantly during the rain season. This mosquito usually lay eggs in open and clean water collected in schools and other buildings and around them. They have white and black stripes on their bodies, so they are also known as tiger mosquito. This mosquito is fearless and most bites only during the day. Dengue is a viral disease that is caused by the bite of an infected female mosquito called Aedes aegypti. Dengue is a kind of viral fever.

Types of dengue fever

Dengue fever can occur at three stages:

Simple dengue

Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

The patient has a high fever for 2 to 7 days, with two or more of the following symptoms.

  • Sudden high fever.
  • Further and sharp pain in the head.
  • The pain behind the eyes and the pain from the twitching of the eyes intensifies further.
  • Pain in muscles and joints.
  • Do not know the taste and do not feel hungry.
  • Donate on the chest and upper limbs like others
  • Dizziness.
  • G-jitter vomiting.
  • Blood loss and loss of white blood cells on the body.
  • The symptoms of dengue fever in children are mild compared to the bone.

Blood sugar Dengue (Dengue haemergic fever))

Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

In addition to the symptoms of bleeding dengue fever and the symptoms of trauma bleeding dengue, the following symptoms are found.

  • The skin of the body is pale and cold.
  • Bleeding from the nose, mouth and gums.
  • The number of platelet cells decreases to 100,000 or so.
  • Adding water to the fenders and stomachs.
  • Wound healing in leather.
  • Remain persistent and whine.
  • Thirst excessively (the larynx go dry).
  • Bleeding or non-bleeding vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.

Dengue shock syndrome

In addition to the above symptoms, if there are signs of malfunction circulating in the patient, such as:-

  • Being weak and walking fast.
  • Reduced blood pressure and skin condition.
  • The patient feels too much discomfort.
  • Sharp and persistent pain in the abdomen.
  • According to the above three conditions, start appropriate treatment of the patient.
  • The serological and cellological tests of the patient’s blood only ensure the disease and their occurrence or absence does not affect the patient’s treatment because dengue is a kind of viral fever, no specific medication or vaccine is available.



Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

In the initial fever condition:-

  • Give patient comfort advice.
  • Take paracetamol pill (not more than four times in 24 hours) in case of high fever according to age.
  • Acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen are not allowed.
  • Antipyretics should not be given because they are meaningless in this disease.
  • Eat enough food according to your appetite.

Generally, complications have been observed for 2 days after recovery of dengue fever patient. every dengue fever patients should be monitored after two days of fever recovery, patients and their families should be advised to pay special attention to the emergence of the following symptoms when dengue fever is cured. –

  • Sharp pain in the abdomen.
  • Dark colored stools.
  • Gingivitis/seep the blood from the skin / nose.
  • Cold sweat and excessive sweating.
  • In such a situation, the patient should be given an immediate hospitalization opinion.

Instructions for treatment to patients of dengue haemergic fever, dengue shock syndrome:-

  • Visit the patient at every hour.
  • The reduction of platelet in the blood (100,000 or less) indicates further progression of the haemorrhoids in the blood.
  • The time came.The VVA therapeutically patient can be rescued from shock.
  • If 20 ml/Kh/hr does not improve the patient’s condition even if the IV is provided in an hour, the Daxtron or plasma should be provided.
  • If there is a drop in (>20%), fresh blood should be given oxygen in shock.

Please do not

  • Fever may not be given acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen.
  • Antipyretics should not be given because they are meaningless in this disease.
  • Do not give blood to the patient unless required (excessive blood supply decreases >20%)
  • Don’t give steroids.
  • DSS / DHF do not insert the hose into the stomach of the patient.
  • Hospital discharge criteria for patient:-
  • Do not fever for 24 Hours Without Medication.
  • Increase appetite.
  • Improves the common condition of the patient.
  • Come in the proper amount of urine.
  • After three days of recovery from the stage of shock.
  • The patient should not suffer from shortness of breath due to water and abdominal water in the phlofade.
  • The number of platelet cells to be more than 1,50,000.

Dengue fever prevention measures

  • Take out water from small boxes and places where water is equal.
  • Coolers must be watered once a week.
  • In the home, you should take insecticide medicines.
  • You children should wear clothes that cover their hands and feet completely.
  • Use a mosquito net at bedtime.
  • Use mosquito repellents/ items.
  • Cover the Hammers and utensils.
  • Support insecticide spraying at government level.
  • Put the oil or kerosene in the drains and in the burning water when required.
  • Move the patient to the nearest hospital and Health Centre for treatment immediately .

To prevent dengue fever, take the following steps

  • Survey, Investigation, treatment and Prevention Action for prevention of the patient should be taken within a radius of 5 km of residence of the patients.
  • Ensure anti-larval action by holding a meeting with the health officers of the municipal/ municipal sector concerned and by creating a joint team of medical and health departments and Municipal Employees for prevention of disease.
  • Anti-larva action should be taken at all places where mosquito breeding is possible in the district.
  • The propagation provides detailed information about prevention of disease and anti-larval action at breeding locations of mosquitoes to the common people.

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