How to Regrow Hair Naturally? (Step 3)

Take care of your hair

How to Regrow Hair

1. Do not wash your hair daily

How to Regrow Hair

How to Regrow Hair

When you wash your hair everyday, the hair follicles get damaged. And the scalp also removes naturally produced nutritious oil and with it, your hair is stretched when you wash, dry and comb. When your goal is to grow hair, take good care of your hair and scalp and prevent them from stretching as far as possible.

  • According to the beauty expert, washing the hair three times a week or less, it is good for hair.
  • Use dry shampoo when you are not washing hair. Dry shampoo is a kind of powder shampoo which, by simply spraying on the hair, combing makes the hair look beautiful, clean and also gives fresh smell to the hair.

2. Use a comb instead of a brush to unravel the hair

Use a comb

How to Regrow Hair

When your hair is dusty, use a comfortable, large-toothed comb to unravel the tangled hair from bottom to top, from the tip of the hair to the roots. When you unravel the tangled hair using a brush, you pull the hair with a stroke, meaning you yourself damage your hair from the roots to the ends, and this causes hair loss, breakage and two. Even hair becomes hairy.

  • Be especially careful when your hair is wet, because it breaks easily due to the moisture present in the hair and the hair that is pulled.
  • The more thick and curly your hair is, the wider the comb with teeth should be used. If your hair is very curly, then do not comb excessively.

3. Do not use hot hair from your hair dryer

hair dryer

How to Regrow Hair

Hot air from the dryer directly damages even the simple hair. Even if you adopt an object that protects against hot air, your hair is still damaged by the hot air from the hairdryer, curling iron and straightening iron. So while going to any special occasion, use hot air appliances. Otherwise you can dry your hair in natural air without these tools and make your favorite style.

4. Trim hair but not always

Trim hair

When you are thinking of regrowing your hair, repeated trimming will not solve your problem. But yes, if you are trimming your two-faced hair once in a few months then it is fine, but doing all this to create a new style, then you are damaging your hair yourself. Cutting hair in a stylistic way, moreover using hot air tools and using it for different production hair, makes hair worse than growing. Daily massage, oil treatment or mask are good ways to enhance hair, if you do not want to do all this then do not give any treatment, hair will start growing on its own.

  • When you go for a haircut, make sure that the blower is not used. And also see if your hair stylist is using a wide-toothed comb to make hair after washing hair.

5. Do not style hair extensions and other harmful hairs

hair extensions

How to Regrow Hair

Hair extensions can prove dangerous to your hair and hair. Due to the pressure of the extension,

the hair is pulled and broken and sometimes there is a possibility of baldness in many parts of the scalp.

When you are thinking of growing more hair, do it the natural way.

Hair extensions, chemical straightening, bleaching and dyeing cause damage to the hair, and none of these things will help in regrowing the hair.

  • Try to create a hair style in which you look good and there is no need to damage the hair too.
  • If you want to dye your hair properly, then use natural dyes like henna dye (henna), because it will not harm your hair and will also nourish the hair.

6. Use caution when using wigs or hairpieces

wigs or hairpieces

Although wearing a wig or grinding hair is a good idea to hide thin hair,

all these things can damage your scalp, including blood circulation.

  • Seek professional support to fit your wig.
  • Use a wig that does not interfere with blood circulation.
  • Do not use hairpieces made of things that irritate your scalp.
  • Wear your wig or hairpiece as much as you need.

7. Use of silk pillowcases

Silk pillow

The use of silk pillowcases prevents your hair from getting tangled, and maintains their natural oil and moisture.


  • Sleep well and reduce stress. Many times the hair is also due to less sleep and more stress.
  • Do not use a brush in wet hair. Wet hair is elastic and brushing them breaks it easily.
  • The measures adopted to prevent hair fall affect each person differently. If a remedy shows an effect on someone, it is not necessary that the same effect is seen on the other person. And so if you want to buy a product related to hair, then make sure that the production is guaranteed and your money will be refunded if needed.
  • Exercise and meditation to reduce stress. Go out for a walk or walk.

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