Insomnia (Home Remedies) for Insomnia In Ayurveda

Insomnia (Home Remedies) for Insomnia In Ayurveda


Don’t you sleep well at night? Or doesn’t sleep again once sleep is opened? It is said that sleep is good after hard work but many times we complain of not getting sleep after a hectic and stressful routine in a changing lifestyle, yet we ignore it.

Sometimes the problem of non-sleeping becomes so severe that it can affect our mental health. If you are facing a similar problem related to sleep, you must take these measures.

Good sleep Ayurvedic remedy to avoid caffeine and sugar – Avoid sugar and caffeine for sound sleep

Caffeine and sugar end up sleeping, so avoid eating these foods after 3 pm.

Ayurvedic treatment of insomnia is nutmeg with hot milk-Hot milk good for sleep

Milk brings sleep in the body, which is a great source of protein tryptophan.
Drink a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg with a glass of warm milk for a good sleep. If your body type is pitta, you can mix asparagus in milk. People with Kapha body type can add turmeric and vata body type people can add garlic in milk.

Sleepless Ayurvedic remedy oil massage – Oil massage for good sleep

Oil massage is a wonderful way to calm the nervous system, which helps sleep well. Massage with barrage oil on the head and feet helps to get a good sleep.

Turn off electronic appliances to get a good sound sleep-Turn off electronic gadgets before bed

Turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime such as mobile, laptop, TV etc. This will help calm the nervous system and allow you to sleep comfortably.

Sleeping tips for meditation – Practice meditation before sleep

The health benefits of meditation (meditation) are always vast. Therefore it is good to maintain the overall health of your body. Take care of 10-15 minutes before going to bed. It will relax your body and will cause a deep sleep.

Good sleep should come for Yoga-Yoga for sleep disorders

Yoga, especially the practice of pranayama, is considered to be very beneficial for you to keep calm, relax the body and nervous system. Simple breathing exercises also help in inducing sleep.

Good sleep Ayurvedic remedy is healthy diet – Healthy diet for sleep

A healthy diet is the key to maintaining good health. Avoid heavy spicy or stimulant foods because they can affect the sleep cycle which can lead to acidity or indigestion. For a proper digestion and good sleep, going to bed is suggested to have a light meal two to three hours before.

Deep sleeping Ayurvedic medicine is intake of Herbs – Herbs for sleep disorders

Some Ayurvedic herbs are present for good sleep. Some herbs like ashwagandha, tarjur, and shankpoprap relax your nerves so you get a good sleep.

The way of bringing sleep is to follow regular routines-Proper routine good for sleep

Following a regular routine and sleeping on time gives you good sleep.

On following these Ayurvedic tips regularly for good sleep, you will definitely help. With these, also make sure that the room should be dark enough at bedtime.

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