Skin allergies symptoms and prevention

skin allergies
Skin is the mirror of your beauty. All you care about to look attractive is to make the skin young and supple. But what do you do to protect your skin

Causes of uric acid, symptoms and rescue

Causes of uric acid
When the body breaks a substance called purine, a chemical called uric acid is formed. Purine is usually produced naturally in the body and is also found in certain foods

How to recognize dengue? What are rescue properties

How to recognize dengue?
Dengue is a mosquito bite that everyone is aware of. After 5 to 6 days of this mosquito bite the symptoms of Dengue (Dengue Symptoms) seem to appear

Dengue fever – causes and Prevention

Dengue fever – causes and Prevention
Dengue mosquitoes are found abundantly during the rain season. This mosquito usually lay eggs in open and clean water collected in schools and other buildings and around them.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally? (Step 3)

How to Regrow Hair
Take care of your hair How to Regrow Hair 1. Do not wash your hair daily How to Regrow Hair When you wash your hair everyday, the hair follicles get damaged. And the scalp also removes naturally produced nutritious oil and with it, your hair is stretched when...