Surprising Facts About Mosquito Life

Surprising Facts About Mosquito Life

Mosquito is a harmful insect. It is often, found in all parts of the world. It carries various types of Tango bacteria. Mosquito remains in dark and humid places near pits, ponds, canals and reservoirs of stagnant water. Mosquitoes are unisexual animals i.e. males and females have separate bodies. Only the female mosquito suck the blood of man or other creatures

while the male mosquito suck the sap of trees.

More about mosquito life:

  • Did you know that only the female mosquito bites a human being the male mosquito never bites
  • The female mosquito needs protein to cause the egg to suck the blood.
  • Female mosquitoes go to rest for 2 days after taking once filled the blood in the body
  • Around 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide are
  • They don’t have teeth of mosquitoes, but they have a pinny proboscis that suck blood.
  • A mosquito could drink 3 times more blood than its weight
  • The female mosquito lays about 300 eggs at once
  • Mosquitoes spend their initial 10 days in the water after they leave the egg
  • The life span of the male mosquito is only 10 days but the female mosquito is alive for 6 to 8 weeks.

Mosquitoes have 6 legs:

More about mosquito

  • Male mosquitoes recognize the female mosquito by the sound of their wings
  • Mosquito can not fly too much away and too fast
  • Mosquitoes smell till human breath
  • The only mosquito from our sweat manages to find out about our blood
  • HIV does not spread by mosquito bites
  • Malarial mosquitoes are the most dangerous disease
  • Mosquitoes come in dangerous animals in the world whose bites die thousands of people every year

Stainless injection research inspired by mosquito bites

Surprising Facts About Mosquito Life

According to researchers from Ohio State University and Indian Institute of technology ropad Dev gureira, India Bhushan and Naveen Kumar’s Sanjhi discovery, mosquito hunting is painless because it first sprayed with a kind of numbing liquid on the skin to distinguish skin from pointy stings that we use for several minutes without realizing our blood sucking! The research identified four major tips on how a mosquito can penetrate the body without pain – a splash of numbing liquid serum, a pointed needle; a combination of vibration during piercing and soft and hard parts on the skin. Based on these findings, the study paper has been analysed on preparations for a micro needle that contains two needles. While one is used to leave the liquid numb, the other will be used to inject significant fluid or remove the blood in a painless way. The needle will also vibrate like a mosquito net.

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