What is SEO, why do we need

What is SEO

What is SEO, why do we need

Today I will tell you about SEO, what is SEO, why do we need SEO, a lot of articles will get you online about SEO, everyone has explained differently,

What is SEO,

What is SEO, Today I will tell you about SEO in very easy words, which will soon make you understand why SEO is used,

SEO means first, search engine optimization, Suppose you have started a business, any business, what will you do to expand that business, to expand the business,

The obvious thing is, you will market for that business, the type of which is your business,

you will meet people who do business for your business, you will make visiting cards for your business, or you will do many more,

It is called business marketing,

The same SEO works, as you created your website, you launched that website, published, wrote Uniq articles in it,
Or you published those articles in your website,

Now you will need, Search engine optimization, so that your website will rank first on articles, google or more search engine,

When your post will rank on first page of Google, visitors will also visit your website more, traffic will increase on your website,

People spend a lot of money for Search engine optimization to have their website ranked first,

keyword selection

You will have to find out Uniq, keywords, whose search is more, For this you

  • google keyword planner,
  • www.ahrefs.com
  • www.thehoth.com
  • www.wordtracker.com
  • www.wordstream.com
  • www.neilpatel.com

You can take help of This is some special websites, which is best, and it works on the keyword, the choice of keywords will be good,

So all the posts of the website will be ranked at number one, This is also a part of Search engine optimization,

On Page SEO Or Off Page SEO

These two are similar, the work is a bit different, first let’s talk, on page Search engine optimization,

What is main in on page Search engine optimization ?

  1. Headings H1, H2, H3, H4
  2. Tital Content
  3. HTML tags
  4. All text images
  5. Internal links
  6. Meta description

They are very much needed in on page SEO, In on page Search engine optimization first the setting of the post is done, then the post is published, from on page Search engine optimization,

The rank on the post google goes quickly, For this, you can use many types of plugins, SERP or Yoast,

Off Page SEO

In off page Search engine optimization,

  1. link building
  2. Social media
  3. Outbound link
  4. Backlinks
  5. Per motion
  6. Domain authority

Mainly come into focus, For off page Search engine optimization, you, primarily, backlink, domain authority, content will have more attention

So that your website quickly ranks in the search engine, Nowadays backlink is very important for any website.

Now you must have found out what Search engine optimization is, why we need it, This was some example, to define SEO, Because without search engine optimization, there is no existence of website,

There is a lot of data in Search engine optimization, which cannot be described in few words, The more you understand Search engine optimization, the less it is, For example, I have told you some facts related to search engine optimization. If you like this information, then Must forward.

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